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the mad dinercompact culinary critiques, new york

about the mad diner

the mad diner knows about atmosphere, food, wine, preparation, presentation + service. tmd grew up dining in a wide range of restaurants + has worked in both the kitchens + front of the house of notable restaurants + lounges. tmd dines out fairly often + enjoys cooking.

the mad diner


a baseline must be set in order to appreciate the sensibilities of the mad diner.

tmd does not enjoy fast food. tmd enjoys good gelato + is disturbed by additive filled ben + jerry's. tmd prefers sake, red wine + bittersweet chocolate as well as zesty pizzas + sublime sushi.

tmd enjoys dining out when the restaurant staff is polite, knowledgeable + efficient + the food fresh, flavorful + well presented in a thoughtful environment.



the mad diner is not currently connected in any way with any restaurant + does not seek publicity nor the favor of any restaurant or restaurateur.

the mad diner does not take photos or notes during dinner . . . remaining completely anonymous.

the mad diner is simply looking for consistency in service, quality + preparation at each dining experience along with a well crafted atmosphere.


the mad diner considers the zagat guide useful for restaurant contact / location information only.

tmd does not care to hear what the servers favorite items are.

tmd detests large screen televisions in what some consider fine dining establishments.

the mad diner provides a concise impression of various dining experiences with a simple 'YES', 'NO' OR 'MAYBE' verdict.

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